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We teach you to dive through a well developed sequence of training and tests which cover the essential theory and practical skills you need.  You must complete both aspects of the training to become qualified.


All training is provided by club members who have been trained as instructors through SAA regional training courses and examinations.  They are experienced divers and enthusiastic about training new people into the sport.  Guidelines for training are provided by the SAA.  It is important that you share that enthusiasm and show commitment by attending training regularly.


You undergo training at your own pace which means that if you don't pass a particular theory or skill test first time, we help you to try again.


At the end of your pool training and after you have completed a basic theory test you become a Elementary diver.  After you have completed 4 dives in open water you become a Open Water diver.  The next step is to complete a series of practical skill tests, another theory test, and 10 more dives and qualifying you as Club Diver all dives are with a qualified instructor.


Once you are Club Diver you can "Buddy" with other Club Divers.  You have a qualification that is recognised both at home and abroad. You can continue with further training or just enjoy the diving experience.


We train from 14 years of age, if under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent during training sessions.


Before commencing training new members take part in a Fitness Assessment comprising a demonstration of water fitness and completion of a SAA Declaration Medical History Questionnaire


Elementary Diver

An Elementary diver is fully pool trained but inexperienced in open water. When diving in open water, an elementary diver must be accompanied by a minimum of a dive leader. Maximum allowed depth is 10 metres.


Open Water Diver

An open water diver is a trainee club diver who has completed four qualifying dives and has only limited open water diving experience and skills. An open water diver may dive under the supervision of dive leader. Maximum depth is 20 metres.


Club Diver

A Club diver is a qualified open water diver and may dive with other certified club divers or above to a maximum depth of 50 metres.


All of the above is included in the first year trainee membership fees. (see below)


Once qualified to Club Diver there are additional grades to go for.


Dive Leader Diver

A Dive Leader has additional practical experience and knowledge, and has proven their ability to lead divers underwater.  A Dive Leader may dive with any grade of certified diver.


Dive Supervisor Diver

A Dive Supervisor is an experienced and responsible diver, with a proven ability to organise and lead diving expeditions.


National Diver

A National Diver is a diver who has through nationally organised assessments proven to have a higher level of knowledge and ability. A National Diver is able to organise a group of divers to achieve major tasks and projects underwater.


All of the above training is free of charge to club members.  The only small costs that may be incurred are those to cover any expenses assosiated with running regional courses.


New Trainee Member - £185

This includes everything you need to get you to Club Diver; 1 years SAA membership, membership card, Logbook, Diver Manual, Air Fills, Equipment Hire, Lectures, An Instructor and certification.  The only other costs would be; your own travel (if not sharing), £5 per pool session (approx 4 times) - this helps pay for the hire of the entire pool during early training,  dive site entry (if required) or related boat and fuel costs but these are small when compared to a commercially orientated dive training program.


Quallified Diver - £120 per year

If your renewing your membership, recently qualified or joining as an already qualified diver the cost per year is the same.


We also have concessions for students and OAP's aswell as reduced fees for associate members.


We train from 14 years of age, if under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent during training sessions.


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